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Clint Ober's Earthing™ products

Groundology was created after personal experience of the profound benefits of grounding/earthing, with the intention of sharing these benefits with others. We have been pioneers in developing high quality grounding products since the early days, and for many years we were also official distributors for Clint Ober's Earthing™ products.

We have great appreciation for Clint's role in bringing the concept of grounding to the world, and we were delighted to be involved in bringing his Earthing product range to the UK and Europe.

Sadly, in recent years our experience with certain Earthing products has not been satisfactory, leading us to take the decision to discontinue the range.

Our primary concern is with the polyurethane sleep products (the Earthing Elite™ Sleep Mats, Mattress Covers and Pillow Covers). As a courtesy to Earthing we won't wish list specific issues here, but suffice to say that we feel there are better materials to use in a sleep product.

Our own approach to a long-lasting product which works even when placed under a conventional sheet has been to develop the SoftSilver fabric. This provides superior comfort and longevity, with far higher conductivity. Plus the material has the big advantage of strong EMF shielding properties (something which carbon-based grounding products do not provide).

We also make more conventional bedding products from a combination of Organic Cotton and Silver thread, and while any silver-based product coming into contact with human skin and being washed regularly will have a finite lifespan, they nevertheless provide a cost-effective and comfortable way to sleep grounded.

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