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Groundology are official distributors for Clint Ober's Earthing™ products and 3rd Planet's range of grounding footwear.

Earthing sheets

Earthing sheets
Grounding / earthing bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets for optimal grounding while sleeping.  100% cotton sheets with conductive silver fibres woven throughout the material.

Receive the benefits of an Earth connection while sleeping, and protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) in your environment.

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Grounding mats

Grounding mats
For grounding your bare feet while sitting down, at a desk, watching television, etc.

Also ideal to use as a mat under your computer mouse and keyboard, enabling you to remain grounded while using the mouse or typing.

Grounding mouse mats also available.

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Grounding bands

Grounding bands
Our most portable grounding/earthing solutions.

Suitable for general use in many different situations.

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Grounding patches

Grounding patches
Self adhesive patches for directly grounding specific parts of the body.

Various research has shown that grounding can provide effective relief from chronic inflammation and pain.  While grounding any part of the body can be beneficial, the relief has been found to be faster when grounding is applied directly to the site of the inflammation or pain.

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Grounding footwear

Grounding footwear
High quality conductive footwear that grounds the wearer in comfort and style.

The latest generation grounding footwear, with a contoured footbed that is fully conductive across the whole sole.

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Accessories & extras

Accessories & extras
Socket testers, conductivity testers, Earthing book, extension cords, splitters, additional parts, replacement parts, Earth connection plugs and adapters.

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